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 [hiddn]™ coCrypt, USB Flash Drive Datasheet

[hiddn]™ Encryption and Access Control Datasheet

[hiddn]™ coCrypt S (Standard Selfkey) - Getting Started Datasheet

[hiddn]™ Advanced Full Disk Encryption of mobile devices from Hiddn Security AS - Datasheet

The exclusive [hiddn]™ coCrypt incorporates the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module in thumb drive form factor for AES 256-bit XTS encryption of all data at rest. By combining internal and removable storage (micro-SD card, from 8GB to 128GB) with a “crypto-hub” functionality (for connection of any USB storage media), military-grade encryption is applied, to any capacity media, cost-efficient and hassle-free!

The [hiddn]™ coCrypt comes with keypad and display for user authentication, a micro-SD reader for replacement of internal storage and a USB connector for connecting and encrypting any capacity USB storage media. For added protection, keys are encrypted with AES and stored in a validated smart card chip inside the unit.

Easy to use

Instead of complicated LED light encoding the coCrypt provides a bright, easy to read OLED display that informs the user about the status of the device reducing the risk of operator errors. The coCrypt offers a full alphanumeric keyboard enabling the user to enter passphrases in a T-9 style as known from mobile phones.

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