[hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ Total protection of data.

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Total protection of data

In the event of loss or theft of your laptop. You do not need to worry, with the [hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ unit installed, no one will ever access your data, there is no key on your laptop and all your data is encrypted. With [hiddn]™ hardware encryption from HDD, your PC is Temper resistant, you can reduce the classification level and handeling requirements of your data when your laptop is powered off.

Secure encrypted key transfer

Secure authentication, two-factor; token (AES encrypted keys stored in a certified smart card) and secret passphrase, assure users their data is protected by the highest level of security in the marketplace.

Patented hardware encryption

With the patented [hiddn]™ technology inside, the [hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive and safe mobile security solutions. The [hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ provides transparent, real-time, full disk encryption and is designed specifically for Enterprise, government and military users that require exceptional and compliant data protection and manageability for mobile storage devices.

Safeguarding the Enterprise data

Data protection by [hiddn]™ requires no drivers or user involvement, and the transparent encryption is independent of operating system and fits in ultra slim notebooks. Users will never notice; [hiddn]™ takes care of data protection and encryption. Enterprise management is effortless with the [hiddn]™ Key Management System, defining authentication policies, and keeping control of keys, units and users.


Cost efficient and secure choice when FIPS 140-2 level 3 certification is required, and with advanced AES 256-bit encryption, the standard developed by the US government to protect sensitive data.

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