Organizations make significant efforts to protect their valuable data from loss or interception – particularly when accessed outside the office and traveling abroad.

In 2010 the cost of cell phone interception is significantly reduced since hackers computed and published free on the internet a codebook to decrypt GSM calls – used in 80% of cell phones worldwide – as well as demonstrating interception equipment that is readily available for under $2,000.

Here are our solutions:

The NAVAYO Solution

The NAVAYO Solution


«NAVAYO» Secfone allows politicians, professionals and executives to exchange sensitive strategic information, solve problems, or discuss highly confidential strategies of political, technical or commercial nature with utmost secrecy.

All products are «COSMIC Top Secret» cerificied.

The Cellcrypt Solution

The Cellcrypt Solution


Cellcrypt Mobile™ for iPhone®.
With Cellcrypt calls can easily be protected on popular cell phones – and securely connected to office phone systems – so that you can be assured conversations remain confidential wherever they are.

The Cellcrypt's software solution is applicable both to BlackBerry and to NOKIA.

The SecuSMART Solution

SecuSMART Solutions

Turn mobile phones and landline network telephones into carriers of secrets!

Thanks to the unique Secusmart Security Card you can make secure phone calls – in the best possible voice quality.

SecuSUITE offers solutions which allow companies and government authorities to protect all of their communication – approved for use at the VS-NfD and «NATO Restricted» levels.

Secuvoice guarantees secure phone calls, SecuSMS guarantees encrypted SMS text messages and SecuEMAIL guarantees secure E-mails.

Secusmart's aim is to make communication between people both easy and secure. No matter whether you opt for voice (mobile and landline), SMS text message or e-mail as your means of communication: Secusmart combines high-level security with maximum use-friendliness. Located in the globally-networked metropolis of Dusseldorf, Secusmart develops and distributes trend-setting solutions for secure communication.

The need for secure communication is growing steadily all over the world. Secusmart uses the most advanced security technologies and continues to develop them with their customers in mind.

Your needs determine our goals:

  • maximum security
  • intuitive operability
  • highest levels of flexibility
  • minimum costs

That’s high-tech: Made in Germany. This is the only way communication can be 100% secure – all the time!






Secure Voice Communication for BlackBerry® Smartphones