1.1.General Description:


The main Objective of the Jammers is to jam communication in designated areas. The BJ100 system is a 2 band programmable jamming system . The client can choose between two modifications – portable or manpack.


All the basic parameters of the system could be programmed. The operator creates different scenarios that are stored in the memory of a lap top and through an USB are transferred to the jammer memory. The operator can choose any of them in field conditions according the specific environment and needs.  The frequency ranges could be programmed as well-from spot frequency and up to the full frequency range of the jamming module. This is important in some cases, when we have preliminary information regarding any possible threats and their corresponding frequencies. In such cases the concentration of RF jamming power in particular (already known) frequency band is imperative and will certainly improve the efficiency and reliability of the system as a whole.


2.1.    Jammer specification







 Frequency Range (MHz)

Module output power (W)

Antenna Configuration / Type with Low Profile Customized Antenna Array

Band 1

20 – 500 MHz      

50+ 1dB per band

Omni Directional

Band 2

500 3000 MHz                  

50+ 1dB per band

Omni Directional







Interference Type

Fast Random Sweep

Interference Source

DDS driven PLL exciter

Interference Category


Total Power out put


Operating temperature

-20◦ to 50◦


18 kg

Maximum dimensions

450X350X200 mm

Remote system control

Cable RC


Visual and acoustic alarm for low battery


VSWR, Over temperature

Li Ion Battery pack:

Autonomus Operation time min 1  hour


One set including jammer and operation and maintenance manual