COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly changed the way we live, socialize and do business. Working from home turned into the new normal, thus use of various communication systems and  of audio and video conferencing products rapidly increased.

Unfortunately this global circumstance led hackers to become more active and sales of information turned into spreading business. This is not only affecting personal information, but also sensitive information that can seriously harm organizations. It is crucially  important to understand that hackers predominantly target most popular platforms and, when affected, their main users avoid using them. In fact ad-hoc measures lead affected products to lose in confidence.

Main problem of most platforms is that they focus to be user friendly, attractive and low cost. In these regards development of products and applications is not always garanteeing sufficient level of security. It is thus crucial to consider on protecting not only personal data, but sensitive information as well, which workflows of each organization is depending on. This information is obviously what hackers  attempt to penetrate in and which sells well. Such information can cause great losses if unauthorized data leakage occures.

SEMA Group has been working for over 15 years in the field of information protection and cyber security. There is no universal solution of type one size fits all. That is why we tailor solutions compatible to specific needs and individual organizational structure instead. In our view universal solutions grant average performance. In our tailored solutions you will pay for the level you need and for what you use.

According to your identified need you recieve from us a tailor made configuration, which may consist of:

- The best USB sticks SSD & HDD drives from iStorage (for information protection at rest).

- Secure phone calls and file sharing with using of end-to-end encryption.

-  Full protection of your IT system by DarkTrace, which is only of its kind AI powered cyber security technology that is detecting internal and external „unknown-unknown” threats and vulnerabilities.

All above products are certified to the highest global standards and have prestigeous international awards.

We can offer you tailored to your specific needs solution and in full compliance with the requirements of your experts. Our solution will be specially developed to fit your needs and integrating technologies and products of worldwide leading vendors, as being briefly presented above.

Our promise and guarantee to you is that you will get the best product set, optimized to your identified needs, developed and configured at highest available standards of used technologies.

Scheme of integrated configuration for data protection and communication:

Model SEMA


The encrypted USB, HDD and SSD drives from iStorage provide you with hardware encryption for securing best your information. This grants you full control over your sensitive information, no matter where you are and what device you use.

 CloudAshur semamain

iStorages cloudAshur provides you with hardware encryption of your data in the cloud. While it grants full data protection in your cloud account, if your workflow demands other authorized organizational users to access needed data, this can be done in a timebound fully managed way.

 Armour Comms logo

Armour Mobile is an option for high level encrypted audio, video and conference calls, chats and group chats, for file transfer and more. This allows you to discuss your business in teams or individually without any spying or eavesdropping risks.




 “SEMA GROUP” Ltd. Was established in 1994 and work mainly in the field of defence and security.

The company has a license for foreign trade in weapons and dual-use items, holds an industrial security certificate, register for handling classified information. We are certified as a NATO provider.

The company has partnership and business contacts with a number of leading global companies, some of which we represent in Bulgaria and other countries.

We supply Accuracy International sniper rifles, Glock pistols, FN Herstal firearms, as well as simulators and training simulators.

For the last several years, SEMA GROUP Ltd. has been mainly engaged in the field of information security, integrating and offering solutions and products to world-renowned companies. Our solutions are tailored to your business and specific requirements.

iStorages products allow you to protect your information, both inside and outside the office. The hardware encrypted flash drives and hard drives allow you to safely store and backup your sensitive information. Depending on your specific needs, iStorage offers a revolutionary cloudAshur solution that enables hardware encryption of data in the cloud. This way, not only is your data secure, but also accessible everywhere. This product line also allows more than one employee to have access to the database and the whole process can be controlled and managed remotely.

If you need secure communication and exchange of sensitive information between your employees' phones and computers, we offer Armor Comm's, Armor Mobile solution. It is an easy to install and use platform that enables encrypted audio and video calls, conference calls, chat and group chat, file sharing and more. It is also possible to integrate it with solutions you already use, such as PBX or CMS(Cisco Meeting Server).

For complete protection of your IT system, we offer DarkTrace, which have developed a market-leading solution for complete IT system security. It uses artificial intelligence and works on the principle of the human immune system. Analyzing the processes within your IT environment and detecting any anomalies caused by viruses or as a result of attempts to attack. This allows not only the detection of already known attacks and viruses, but also the unknown and innovative solutions that hackers use. It also counteracts the risk of accidental or deliberate human error, one of the key weaknesses that most hackers take advantage of.

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