Microflown AVISA’s mission is to provide a complete 3D acoustic situational awareness by detecting, localising and classifying the full range of audible battlefield threats, such as:

  • Small Arms Fire
  • Rockets/Artillery/Mortars
  • Engine driven platforms (helicopters, planes, UAVs, boats and ground vehicles)

Enabler is the Microflown, the world’s first and only acoustic sensor that measures acoustic particle velocity instead of the well-known sound pressure.

The core product is the Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS), incorporating various directional Microflown sensors, a DSP and a wind cap.

There is a variety of options for geo referencing, powering and communication.

An AMMS is passive, cannot be jammed, requires no line of sight (darkness, fog, dust) and also works under adverse weather conditions (heavy rain).

As the AMMS is low Size, Weight and Power (low SWaP), it can be deployed on all sorts of carrying platforms, such as:

  • Unattended Ground Sensors
  • Vehicles ( wheeled and tracked)
  • Helicopters
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (quad copters and fixed wings)

The AMMS is considered to be the game changer in a situational awareness, allowing new doctrines.







The MantisX improves shooting accuracy by 94% after only using it for 20 minutes. Allows it to be mounted on any weapon.

What are its main features:

  1. "Dry" workouts - shooter training improves with "dry" workouts.
  2. Real Shooting - You can use this device with real ammunition and recoil.
  3. With your own weapon - You can use this device to train with your own grip, aim and trigger.
  4. Real-time Feedback - This unit gives you a real-time analysis of your shooting.
  5. Allows you to track progress over time.
  6. You can use this device to see how much you are improving and how you should proceed.
  7. Easy to install - The appliance is portable and easy to install / remove.
  8. Built-in shot timer - This unit allows you to train with a built-in shot timer.
  9. Works with any lighting.
  10. Works at any distance.
  11. Helps focus on the front sight.
  12. MantisX records and indicates the movement of the weapon
  13. Holster Removal - With this device you can train holster removal.
  14. Works with airsoft guns - You can use this training device with simulated recoil guns and air guns.
  15. Coach Built-in Tips - Provides recommendations on how I can improve your accuracy


Accuracy International Small

SEMA Group Ltd. is official distributor of the British company Accuracy International in Bulgaria.

Accuracy International headquarters is in Portsmouth, UK. Accuracy International has supplied over 20,000 sniper rifles to over 60 countries worldwide. In November 2009, a British sniper gained a Guinness World record for distance precision shots using an Accuracy International .338 LM sniper rifle.


Accuracy International Guiness Record

For more information, visit the web-site of Accuracy International:
  Accuracy International