Company SEMA GROUP Ltd. was established in 1994 and works mainly in the field of defense and security.
The company has a license to foreign trade activity in weapons and dual use goods, a certificate of industrial security, registry to work with classified information, and all employees certificates for work with classified information at Level „Secret“.
The company has partnerships and business relations with world leading companies, some of which represents Bulgaria and other countries.
SEMA Group Ltd. has experience in working on projects for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned surface vehicles (USV) as of its participation in Aviotechnica S.p.Ltd. - Plovdiv. The company has developed own projects in collaboration with ND SatCom – Germany and ASELSAN - Turkey.
Over the past few years, the company specializes mainly in the field of information security by developing its own utility model for use of hardware encryption for IT networks including virtual, servers, PCs and laptops that can be integrated in conjunction with the comprehensive protection of IBM - ISS, Check Point and other world leading companies, using work stations "Hobit" of PrimaSoft company - Bulgaria and other producers of "thin client".




Darktrace’s Vision
Darktrace applies the biological principals of the human immune system to the challenge of protecting the enterprise from advanced cyber-threats. The company’s vision is to use cutting-edge technology to help organizations detect abnormal behavior within their networks in real time, before these incidents develop into damaging cyber-attacks.

Enterprise Immune System
Darktrace’s award-winning Enterprise Immune System technology is uniquely capable of detecting the most subtle cyber-threats within the network, including insider threat. Powered by advanced machine learning and mathematics, the Enterprise Immune System automatically and adaptively learns a normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user, device and network, in order to detect emerging behaviors that represent real threats. This self-learning technology provides corporations with comprehensive visibility into their networks’ activity, allowing them to proactively respond to threats and prevent damaging cyber-attack.

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The rapid development of communication and information technology led to their great application in daily activities. The widespread use of computers, communication equipment, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other technical devices serious facilitated employees activity in offices and during travels, outside and in motion. Enabled them to have and work with the information they need anywhere, anytime. There is need to work with large amounts of heterogeneous information stored on different media and to be accessible anytime and anywhere.

However, this led to serious problems with information security in case of loss or theft of the media, gaining unauthorized access by outsiders, abuse of employees, ensuring privacy of information against illegal actions of stakeholders and institutions. All this requires a system of measures to protect information.
Company SEMA GROUP Ltd. ( offers comprehensive solutions for data protection.
In our proposed solutions are integrated products of leading manufacturers such as High Density Devices AS - Norway, IronKey - USA, Navayo - Germany, Secfone AG - Lichtenstein, Thales-UK and others. We use very advanced technologies for hardware encryption to ensure maximum security.
To ensure highly reliable solutions we rely on a team of highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the field of information security and theoretical training.


Main functionalities of our solutions

  • Excludes the possibility of unauthorized access to information through the use of technical and other resources.
  • Impossible abuse attempts by employees and outsiders that have by one or another reason, access to premises, computer and other equipment, including copiers.
  • Gives manager possibility to determine levels of access to specific information of each employee, as only he has full access.
  • Ensures highest protection, flexibility and mobility of the use of communication and information technology outside the office and while traveling.


We offer the following most common technical solutions:

1. We offer protection of laptops by embedding in them new hard drive with integrated cryptographic module and smart cards reader to replace the existing hard disk. This is perfect solution for ensuring information security when you visit other buildings or travel the country or abroad. Nobody can read any of the information you store on your laptop. While maintaining the ability to use the original hard drive when you do not have to encrypt information, or if necessary the encrypted hard drive to be stored in a safe or other secure place. It is possible to use unlimited number of hard disks with open or encrypted data on a laptop or netbook. Great advantage is that you can easily use the encrypted hard disk on your next laptop. With the [hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ unit installed, no one will ever access your data, there is no key on your laptop and all your data is encrypted. With [hiddn]™ hardware encryption from HDD, your PC is Temper resistant, you can reduce the classification level and handeling requirements of your data when your laptop is powered off.

Laptop 1 05

Fujitsu S935 Laptop1

2. Mobile solutions, like a miniature protected USB hard disk or flash drive that you can carry with you and use on any computer anywhere in the world, without remaining any information on it. Nobody can access stored information without your consent. This allows you to create the most suitable for your needs solutions that seamlessly to change depending on the development and changes of activity and your lifestyle.




3. The exclusive [hiddn]™ coCrypt incorporates the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module in thumb drive form factor for AES 256-bit XTS encryption of all data at rest. By combining internal and removable storage (micro-SD card, from 8GB to 128GB) with a "crypto-hub" functionality (for connection of any USB storage media), military-grade encryption is applied, to any capacity media, cost-efficient and hassle-free!

The [hiddn]™ coCrypt comes with keypad and display for user authentication, a micro-SD reader for replacement of internal storage and a USB connector for connecting and encrypting any capacity USB storage media. For added protection, keys are encrypted with AES and stored in a validated smart card chip inside the unit.

coCrypt-01 coCrypt-04 coCrypt-06

4. The proposed patented solution makes it possible to share any kind of information stored on mobile devices (laptop, netbook, tablet, PC and server), using different communication channels (optical, satellite, etc.) and Internet, as well as conducting phone calls or sending SMS, MMS, video, etc. through fixed or mobile phones, protected against eavesdropping.

5. SEMA Group Ltd. offers protected laptops Fujitsu, models: S936 and E756. Both models support Modular Bay option - for mounting an additional battery, second hard drive or an optical drive on a modular principle. For additional security the BIOS is protected by Phoenix SecureCore technology. Both models support integration of TPM module, allowing hardware encryption of the hard drives. Both S936 and E756, also support the unique solution - Fujitsu PalmSecure - a leading-edge authentication system using biometric technology that authenticates users on based on vein pattern recognition rather than iris scanners or fingerprint readers. As veins are internal and have a wealth of differentiating features, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security. The model E756 supports the military standard Environmental MIL-STD-810G, for operations in severe weather conditions.



Fujitsu Palmsecure

Fujitsu S936 with Modular Bay Accessories

Main advantages of our solutions:

  • No need for any change in hardware and software already in use.
  • No need of training.
  • No license and other fees and expenses with exception of GSM phones.
  • It is possible gradually building the information security system, all products purchased, at each stage, will be part of the final solution.

At the request of our clients we develop principle and conceptual design solutions tailored to their specific needs. This can be done with their experts and specialists. We provide systems development, integrating all implemented by the moment delivered by us products in the new solutions.

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